Know About Us

What is our website really all about? Basically, it can be summed up in three words – Banking, Business and Money. While there are literally hundreds of websites that deal on these subjects, our aim is to make it different from the others both in terms of presentation and content.

If you read through a few blogs on our site, you will see that it is not only about the world’s financial markets or economic recession or investment tips. Our goal is to take news, dissect it and present an analysis of the events for our readers. Hence those who will benefit from our site will not only be professionals or top honchos of the financial world, even the layman looking to invest a few dollars in stocks and securities will find our site useful. This is what we have set out to do.

Our site contains news, information, analysis and even interesting trivia from the banking and business environments. The two are intrinsically linked to each other and our blogs will seek to help readers understand the connection between the two. Small business owners or start-ups looking to expand and diversify will find our site specifically advantageous as we offer tips and methodologies on how to become a profit generating entity in the shortest possible time.

Our team consists of dedicated bloggers who are well conversant in the finer nuances of banking and business. However, we do understand our limitations that it is not possible to cover happenings from around the globe and bring it fresh to the attention of our visitors. This is the reason why we invite guest writers to contribute to our site to make it meaningful with updated and the latest information and news.

Writers to our site can explore any topic of their choice provided it is related to our niche of banking, business, money and finance. It need not necessarily be related to particular incidents. Personal experiences are also welcome. Young entrepreneurs can write in about how they have made their ventures successful and give tips in this regard. Investors can share with our readers the pitfalls to avoid while playing the stock markets. All this and more is what our site has to offer our readers.

All blogs sent to our site should be original unpublished pieces and unique in content. Once accepted, we will inform by email. We reserve the right to make minor changes in content if required.